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Learn About Us - Registered Textile Agent in Egypt

As the Egyptian law prohibits the deal of foreign suppliers with any Egyptian company except through a sole Registered Agent, G.I.E.S & NOBELTEX are both appointed as agents by many foreign suppliers of Textile Machines, Accessories, and Spare Parts. Also, for suppliers of Chemicals, Synthetic Fibers, and Textile Fibers Wastes.

G.I.E.S & NOBELTEX are currently successfully representing companies from all around the world and are considered as leading Agents and Manufacturer Representatives of Foreign Companies in Egypt .

is the mother company

is the child company

Registered Textile Agency in Egypt
established in 1958 by
Mohamed Hussein El Gammal


Textile Agency in Egypt 
established in 1990 by
Laila El Gammal

Since 1958 and up till now, no one in Egypt working in the Textile Field has not heard of G.I.E.S or EL GAMMAL''s Family.

Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal was one of the pioneers in spinning and weaving textiles.
He established G.I.E.S company in 1958.

Eng. Laila El Gammal represents the second generation in the family.
She is currently the Managing Director of the mother company G.I.E.S and the Owner of the child company NOBELTEX


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