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Special Machines


are based on the cutting-edge technology of using two different special embroidery heads, the so-called W-head and K-head. Both heads are technologically advanced products with only one needle.

The W-head processes a wide array of fancy
yarns,ribbons, cords and chains to obtain the
most amazing results. These materials, which
were processed by hand in the past, are now
embroidered by the smart Wheads automatically,
at reasonable costs and constant quality.
The results resemble the embroidery pattern of the
Soutache technique. Combined with a great deal of
creativity, an abundance of new options for industry
and designer have opened up.

The K-head is a special embroidery
head perfectly suitable for special
applications in chain and chenille
embroidery. The combination of both
techniques within one pattern generate
new and very special embroidery
An automatic color changer for up to
6 colors and height adjustable chenille
stitch loops offer even greater design diversity.

If the special embroidery heads "W" and "K"
are simultaneously used with a standard
head for multicolor embroidery, the twin-head
technology of these so-called combination
machines is designated as "Z" or "H".
The option to combine both embroidery
techniques to obtain surprisingly new
embroidery designs, enhances the range
of creative embroidery
applications notably.

All machines of the special
product line can additionally be
provided with a sequin unit for
sequins ranging from
3 to 9 mm,increasing the
innovative capabilities
of these special
machines even further.

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