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Nobeltex is a company established by highly qualified textile professionals working on developing different textile products.

The products and services offered by Nobeltex are backed up by an extensive experience of more than six decades.

Mohammed El Gammal with Gamal Abdel Naser

Mohammed Hussein El Gammal

After graduation from L’École Centrale de Paris in 1927, Eng. Mohammed Hussein El Gammal started his career as a Civil and Architectural Engineer in the Ministry of Public Affairs. He then joined Bank Misr’s technical team under the leadership of the very famous patriotic man ”Talaat Harb” the man who established the first Egyptian Bank ” BANK MISR”, and who introduced the Textile Industry in Egypt.

Eng. El Gammal then held several positions and became one of the pioneers of the Textile Industry in Egypt. He was appointed as the Vice President of Misr Mahallah Spinning and Weaving Company, then he became the Founder and Chairman of Kafr El-Dawwar for Spinning and Weaving Company. He also held the position of the Chairman of Damietta for Spinning and Weaving as well as the Chairman of Misr Beida Dyers.

Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal had advanced thoughts and creative vision that he was the first one to introduce the Viscose and Nylon industry in Egypt.

Full of activity and enthusiasm, retirement did not stop that great man from working for the benefit of his country! After retirement, he decided to start his own company GIES in 1958 which specialized in commercial agencies of international manufacturing machines.

Mohemmed Hussein El Gammal

Laila El Gammal

Eng. Laila El Gammal, the daughter of Eng. Mohammed Hussein El Gammal, got her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. In 1963 and 1968 respectively.

In 1963 she held the position of an Engineer in National Spinning & Weaving Company where she worked on the production line for two years then transferred to Misrrayon in 1968 and worked in their  research and development department.  In 1973, she earned a scholarship at Tachkent Textile institute, she was chosen from amongst more than 30 engineers because she fulfilled all the requirements; she was less than 35 years old, had a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and had a Master’s degree in dyeing.  After that, she joined GIES in 1976 when her father was starting to think about retirement. Despite her father’s initial refusal that she joins him, he surprised her that he wanted her to take charge of his office, And when he passed away, she became the President of the company in 1981. And became firmly established in the field of spinning, weaving and dyeing

In 1991, Eng. Laila El Gammal founded Nobeltex; a new company besides the mother company, intended for the new generation in her family. Work began to prosper until the company reached a distinguished standing in the textile industrial field, one that it still has to date., proven by the speech she was asked to give as representative of Egypt at the World Bank Conference (MENA) in 2006.

Eng. Laila El-Gammal once said: “In my Father’s School, I learnt the best ways to achieve success!”, and she has always been proving that!

Laila El Gammal

" I fought to keep the family business traditions and values & held the company flag flying up proudly high in the sky " 

Laila El Gammal

Nayla El Tawil




188, EL-Nile St., Agouza,

Cairo, Egypt P.O.Box. 2788

(+2 02) 33035744-33041642

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:


40, Safia Zaghloul St.

Alexandria Egypt

(+2 03) 4841093 - 4876220 -4860961

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All the experience she gained was accompanied by her deep passion to the textile industry, and it is worth noting that El Gammal family, of which Nayla is a member of its fifth generation, has been prominent in the textile industry for years.

Eng. Nayla El Tawil, the daughter of Eng. Laila El Gammal, holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport where she got her Master of Business Administration as well.

Right after her graduation in 1997, she joined Nobeltex and worked with her mother, Eng. Laila El Gammal for three years

In 2000, she started her own project and opened a shop selling upholstery & brides supplies. In 2004, she moved to Canada where she studied web designing.  She, then, returned back to Egypt to establish her own website design company and founded NSI.

Meeting with the market needs and the fresh take on upholstery, she established Softlinen in 2007.


The experience she gained from the different fields away from the family business helped her gain different business views and many talents which she applied to her approach when she was asked to join the family business and continue the family legacy as a vice president in 2014.


Nayla El Tawil
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