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Textile industry is a dynamic world and there are instances when special needs call for special services.


We provide a series of specialized applications, systems & services.


We assist clients into planning new projects offering them the right tools to see a clear path of how to achieve their inspirations, the viability of their objectives and the real requirements. Our experienced team of textile engineers assist clients in reviewing their operations and current practices, and assist them to move forward.

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Premium Solutions for Egyptian Textile Industry

Spinning Machines

World’s leading supplier of systems for short-staple fiber spinning.

Yarn processing and winding machines

Textile machinery manufacturer

Specialized in design & manufacturing of steam setting and conditioning equipment for yarns and fabrics

Producing machines for special and fancy yarns, chenille machines, and auxiliary machines.


Globally operating technology focusing on innovations for the processing of fibre and yarn, including machinery, components & software.

Spinning Accessories

Manufacturing and distributing premier textile packaging products through their converting division

High-quality, innovative, value-creating tube and core solutions.

A broad range of plastic textile carriers according to DIN ISO 368 and following machine manufacturer specifications.

Delivering quality cans, catering to the Jute & Textile Industry. With superior quality being its core philosophy, Jumac takes pride in its most modern state of the art manufacturing plant.

Bräcker AG is a prominent company in the field of Spinning machines accessories and producers of top performance ring / traveller systems for ring spinning machines, cots & aprons, spinning tubes and cleaning devices.

The Pinter Group is offering technological solutions for spinning and weaving mills since 1930, providing a wide range of products: from tailor made upgradations on spinning frames to produce value added yarns to online monitoring systems for Industry 4.0. Overtime the Pinter Group became the Leader in the market and nowadays our products are present in more than 40 countries.

Spinning Spare Parts

Textile machinery spare-parts specially for linen materials for all spinning line machines.

manufacture of a range of textile pins, pinned products, all types of pins lags for reg tearing, gills and hackles, accessories for flax spinning machines and textile machinery spares and accessories.

The leading Manufacturer & exporter for complete range of genuine quality replacement spare-parts, suitable for most modern winding machines

Graf, the world’s leading supplier of clothings and combs in the field of carding-, combing- and nonwoven-processes, is a subsidiary of the Rieter Group. Graf, based in Rapperswil SG (Switzerland), creating customer value through system expertise, innovative solutions, after sales excellence and global presence. Manufacturing of flexible flat clothings, metallic card clothings for flat- and roller cards, advanced combs – extensive know-how in metallurgy and in the precise processing of steel ar

SUESSEN market oriented solutions Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH, or SUESSEN for short, is the market leader in compact ring and rotor spinning technology. Since its foundation in 1920, the company’s strength has been its innovative capacity. Without SUESSEN the world would spin in a different way, because SUESSEN continuously provides major inspirations in the spinning industry. As a specialist in key components for all spinning technologies,

Novibra is providing a wide range of spindles to cover even the most demanding requirements of yarn producers and spinning machine manufacturers. All spindles are equipped with Novibra patented design.

Construction. development, production and supply of spinnerets and spin packs to chemical fiber industry.

Weaving Machines

Developer, producer and marketer of high-tech weaving machines, based on air (Airjet) or Rapier technology. Supplying weaving machines to weaving mills worldwide

Manufacturing Schoenherr carpet weaving systems with advanced technology and high flexibility.

Dobbies-Cams Box
Weaving Prep systems

Stäubli electronic Jacquard machines LX, LXL are ideal for weaving flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical fabrics on all types of air-jet, rapier and water jet looms.

Stäubli offers advanced system solutions for reading in of warps at sizing machines, automatic drawing in, warp leasing, and warp tying, as well as supporting means for quick style changes on the weaving machine.

A complete program from warp beam stock to weaving machine efficient warp and style changes that are decisive factors for flexibility and productivity in the weaving mill.


Produce electronic jacquard machines for weaving narrow fabrics such as ribbons and labels on all type of needle loom, up to 896 hooks


Medium & heavy metal carpentry work designing, buildings, warehouses, industrial plants & structures for jacquard machines,


A leading developer of CAD software solutions created specifically for apparel and retail, home furnishings, flooring design, and various other textiles.


A wide range of reeds that cover the technical requirements and approvals requested by the manufacturers of all types of looms, warping, sizing, beaming, carpet or ribbon looms, etc.


Manufacturer and Exporter of Textile Machinery. Sectional Warper / Cone Creel / Sample Warper / Single End Sizing Machine / Beam Carrier / Beam Stocker / VLM / Motorized Battery-Operated Equipment / Technical Textile Machinery / Glass Fiber Creel / Carbon Fabrics Creel / Poly Beamer

Weaving Accessories

A leading textile weaving machine accessories manufacturer. Maksteel has made rapid progress in the area of Jacquard Harness and Parts for all types of Jacquard looms like Rapier, Air jet and Water jet.

Established in 1974, Paradeep industries was armed with the passion, knowledge and workman ship to weave a success story with the threads of excellence. Paradeep process state of the art infrastructure and have been manufacturing Drop Wire and the same is being promoted under the brand name “ Sun Brand” – A tangible indicator of excellent manufacturing standards, quality and efficiency.


integrated dyeing solutions which cover and satisfy the different demands of customers

The pioneer German company for dyeing machines by Air flow technology which achieves a dramatic saving of water, chemicals and consumed energy during the dyeing process.

World leader in vacuum and submerged suction technology. With advanced technologies and innovative thinking in respect to the processes of washing, bleaching and dyeing.

A machinery manufactory which has been working in fabric processing industry for decades. focusing on denim yarn and fabric processing. Smartec main products have covered rope dyeing, sanforizing and processing control system.

Quality machines for dyeing multicolour with space dyeing system.


Manufacturer of multi head embroidery machines starting from single head to 56 embroidery heads machines with head spacing starting from 162 Mm up to 600Mm and embroidery depth starting from 500Mm up to 1500Mm.


Goller has been developing, manufacturing and supplying wet finishing systems worldwide for more than a century. tailor-made to their individual needs, Customers receive systems and solutions for smooth and efficient woven and knitted fabrics as well.

100 years of experience and know-how gained in the textile finishing field and considered a reference brand in the field of the surface treatment of textiles used in numerous applications like Singeing machines for woven & knitted fabrics.

World leader in vacuum & submerged suction technology, with innovative thinking in respect to the processes of washing, bleaching and dyeing. Also providing solutions for Atmospheric and high temperature Jigger machines & Washing machines for Woven fabrics.

100% made in Italy textile finishing machines for fabrics and knitwear. Biancalani develops technology that is geared towards concrete results: increasing efficiency and the productivity for Drying, Softening, Washing, Dimensional stabilization, Wool Milling and Auxiliary Processes.

The dynamic washing technology patented- adopted by the continuous open width washing machine Kinetika introduces a new solution to treat a wide range of fabrics.

ZONCO now have a full range of specialised machines. The use of the most sophisticated electronics has allowed them to consolidate the market position

It develops and produces textile machinery projects for the finishing of woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics. Quality in production concept, high standards in details and of course the most important issue; reliability.

Damsen is specialised in folding and inspecting machine such as Doubling and Twice Double Folding & RoIling Machines ,Lead Band Sewing Machines,Precision PIaiting Machines (Palletising),Beam Winding Machines,Batching, Plaiting & Rolling Machines,Wet Rope Opening Machines,Spreading Machines and Special Machines and Fabric Controland Cutting Optimisation Systems.

Automatic Cross cutting/ Cross Hemmig

Development, production and distribution of industrial manufacturing machines for all types of home textiles. SCHMALEDURATE systems are applied wherever fabric webs need to be transformed into marketable end products

Lab equipment

Professionally engaged in production and R&D of physical properties testing equipment. With more than 20 years of experience in research and development, They specialize in providing the total solutions of Textiles & Garments Testing Equipment, Footwear Testing Equipment, Protective Equipment Testing Equipment

(FYI) has been a professional designing and manufacturing company since 1970s, devoting to offering cost effective testing solutions and equipment for various industrial applications, including: Textile testing (Fiber/Yarn/Fabric & Garments/Dyeing…), Geosynthetics & Geotextile testing, Rubber & Plastic processing and testing, Zipper & Leather testing, Chemical & Biological testing, Toy safety and testing

Dying Auto/Labeling Sys/Folding Plating

EAS can supply all your production needs -from valves and probes to the full information technology needed to integrate the production process, aiming at giving maximum value to the automation of the textile dyeing business. Dispensing & Piping systems for the chemicals of textiles industry, and PLC and controllers for dyeing & finishing machines. EAS products helps textile mills to upgrade their systems to the fourth industrial revolution in short (Textile 4.0) by integrating semi A.I. systems.


In addition to fabric inspection machines, which is what this traditional company is known for all over the world, Maag's product range also includes other high-quality machines designed for folding (plating and stack plating), selvedge printing and packaging.

Fabric Inspiction Machine

Uster Technologies is the global leader in textile testing and quality control. Its testing and monitoring instruments and systems set the standards for innovative, easy-to-use technology. They optimize processing and provide assured product quality throughout the textile chain from fiber to fabric. Certified spinning mills use the USTERIZED® brand as a seal of quality for yarns tested and cleared with USTER® instruments. It’s a sign of superior quality assurance in the production process.

One of the world's leading suppliers of high-end machines for quality assurance in the textile industry. As specialist in the final make-up process, they focus on the areas of fabric inspection, plating/folding, selvedge printing and packaging. This long-established traditional Swiss company combines more than 140 years of experience in mechanical engineering


Produce at low cost first quality felts for furniture, automotive, insulation and other applications. Integrated ranges to produce the different kinds of non - woven fabrics for multi purposes. They also produce completely automated tearing lines. Regenerated fibers for nonwoven processes and ideal for LAROCHE Airlay process for a wide range of applications: mattress, furniture, insulation, automotive, carpet underlayer, wipes… High production capacity.


Traveling Cleaners for Spinning & weaving Machines Transport for bobbins, cones, cans and fabric rolls.


Roving Frames: Automatic and semiautomatic. Precision and quality in production. Traveling Cleaners for Spinning & weaving Machines Transport for bobbins, cones, cans and fabric rolls.

Fiber & Yarn
Palletizing and Fiber

Palletizing and packing automatic systems for textile products (pallet, Boxes …)

Profillin is pursuing a textile and recycling activity in spinning mills, weavers, wadding, needle punching, flocking, carpet manufacturers, automotive industry, compounders, building industry

Finishing process WeavingDeying
weaving & deying

Developing the first inventive textile measuring instruments to assess residual moisture and to determine pleating speed in yarns and fabrics. ETV supplies a modular system based on an industry computer and suitable dedicated software applications. The system is meant to control drying and finishing processes and make the necessary automated adjustments through the measure all major parameters.

JUPITER been one of the main global players in the field of textiles industry since 1973. Jupiter Co. is specialist in manufacturing the following machines of high quality and advanced technology: Direct Warping Machine & H Creel, Sizing Machine, Integrated Slasher Dyeing Machine.

Screen Printing Machines
TAS Screen Printing Machines

With products ranging from small, lightning quick single colour label printers up to huge 20 colour machines and the industry’s largest print areas available, TAS are certain that we will have the right product for your requirements.

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