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Industry in Egypt is a dynamic world and there are instances when special needs call for special services.


We provide a series of specialized conditioning applications, and vacuum systems & services. well-engineered, innovative, machines and solutions for textile and other industries.


AC & Vacuum Premium Solutions for Egyptian Industry

Luwa stands for well-engineered, innovative systems, plants, and solutions for textile and other industries. Their fields of activity: Textile Air Engineering, Industrial Air Engineering, Eco Engineering, Control Engineering on the highest level, compliant to Swiss standards. They create the required climate conditions for an efficient operation of manufacturing facilities. Their goal: to sustainably improve manufacturing conditions, reduce energy costs, and generate added value.

The ideal solution for textile waste disposal. A Central Vacuum System is the best, most efficient and economical way to solve disposal needs in production processes. The production of Central Vacuum Systems tailored to customers’ specific needs from numerous distant vacuum sockets to one collecting and emptying point, with high speed up to 300 km/h.

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