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G.I.E.S and Nobeltex


In the past, it was said: “Reaching success is easy, but continuing with it is difficult”. However, the continuous history of success achieved by G.I.E.S and Nobeltex represents a “decoding” of continuing to succeed, as both of them have become an example and a unique model that has been achieved on the ground thanks to "seriousness & persistence, not despairing, and learning from mistakes".

Laila El Gammal & Nayla El Tawil

During a sixty-year path of G.I.E.S Supplies Company, it was the biggest supporter of the local industry with technology and modern production equipment, which is expected, especially because its founder is an icon for the national industry, Engineer Mohammed Hussein El-Gammal, who was subjected to nationalization, and on that day he said: “Abdel Nasser took everything except for what in my mind". He achieved success and good reputation up to the present time, and because he is an icon for industry, he continued to work and strive to serve the textile industries, so President Abdel Nasser and then President Anwar El-Sadat honored him and granted him a number of certificates of appreciation in honor of his long career in serving the Egyptian industry.


Laila El-Gammal, who learned and grew up on the values ​​and principles of her father, came to continue on the same path with the same seriousness and desire to succeed, and after long years she established and launched Nobeltex company to work alongside the parent company G.I.E.S, and within almost twenty years, the company became the largest company for industrial agencies, representing major international companies specialized in industrial technology. It is a journey of success during which she faced many and many obstacles that she did not stop at them, and continued her way without ever looking back. And because it is a family with a history in textile industries and supporting the industry with new developments in the world of productive machinery and equipment, Eng. Nayla El-Tawil continues her family’s journey with a new thought and approach, next to and with the support of her mother, Eng. Laila El-Gammal, to continue the journey towards the top and the glory, which extends - God Almighty willing - for decades and new generations of this unique family.


When Engineer Muhammad Hussain El-Gammal - may God have mercy on him - founded G.I.E.S Company during the year 1958, it was a strong move on the part of a major industrialist and one of the industry icons to contribute to the development of textile industries, who worked after graduating from l'Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1937, as a civil engineer and architect, then he joined the technical team of Banque Misr under the leadership of the famous nationalist "Talaat Harb" who founded the first Egyptian bank, "Banque Misr", and was the reason for the solidification and establishment of the local spinning and weaving industry. At that time, engineer Mohamed Hussein El-Gammal was chosen to take over the responsibility of Kafr El-Dawar Spinning and Weaving Company, and because he had a sophisticated thought and vision, he was the first to introduce the viscose and nylon industry in Egypt. Since that time, engineer El-Gammal wrote an unprecedented history in serving the local industry, as he held many positions, including the position of the General Manager of Misr El-Mahalla Spinning and Weaving Company, Kafr El-Dawwar for Fine Spinning and Weaving, Misr El-Beida Company, and others, in addition to his national attitude to overcome the crisis which faced the Damietta mill during the year 1958, as he was the first to take over the responsibility of this company after its establishment.

Engineer Laila El-Gammal

"Devotion, Outstanding Customer Service and Seriousness Are the Keys to G.I.E.S & Nobeltex's Success"



After retirement, the enthusiasm and will of the industrial icon did not stop serving the industry and Egypt in general, as he decided at that time to start his own company, G.I.E.S, which was a company for public supplies and working as an agency for major international companies specialized in manufacturing production equipment for textile industries.

The idea of ​​establishing the company came when all his properties were subjected to nationalization, so he had to find a private job to improve his income. Many of his connections in the field of spinning and weaving helped him to do so because he could easily get agencies to import production equipment, and he always said: “Abdel Nasser took everything except what is in my mind, "and because he is an icon of industry, he continued to work and strive to serve the textile industry, so President Abdel Nasser, and then, President Anwar Sadat, honored him and awarded him a number of certificates of appreciation in honor of his long path in serving the Egyptian industry. During the company's journey, Eng. Laila El-Gammal got a Bachelor of Engineering during the year 1963, who recounts what happened during this period, saying: At that time I joined the National Company for Spinning and Weaving, and after one year of work, I asked my father to communicate with Dr. Aziz Sidqi, Minister of Industry in At that time, as he was a friend of him, to move to another company, but he refused, saying: I gave you an education, you got married, and now you have to find your own path. For your information, I understood his vision, so I contacted one of my relatives, Engineer Aziz El-Gammal, who was the President of Cairo Silk Fabrics Company, and I asked for his help to move to Misr Rayon Company, which was headed at that time by Engineer Hassan Nagy, but I faced many difficulties, especially since everyone, or the majority in the company, said that I am successful only because I am Hussein El-Gammal's daughter.

Until I had an opportunity to get a training in Russia, and at that time I discussed the matter with my father, who indicated that traveling to Canada is better than Russia, but I assured him that what is available now is Russia as I have met all the requirements for this matter, so he agreed, and at that time I was less than 35 Years old, and I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering with a "good" grade and a Master's Degree in Dyeing.

And when I returned from Russia, things had changed in the Misr Rayon Company, and a dispute occurred with one of its officials, so I told him: I will not work in this company again, and indeed I left work and worked in the field of teaching for chemistry and physics in French schools in Notre-Dame de Sion and Mir de Duo to improve material income.

And because my father was interested in the question every period of time about my work, so I told him that I left the company, so he told me I do not need your monthly salary, then how does an engineer like you work in teaching, so I told him a school with my dignity is better than an engineer without dignity, and at that time my father was old 77 years old, and seriously thinking about retirement, he told me: "Come work with me" ... and it was the decisive moment, when the career of Geese began.

Returning from Russia and leaving work..!

And when I returned from Russia, things had changed in Misr Rayon Company, and a dispute occurred with one of its officials, so I told him: I will not work in this company again, and indeed I left work and I worked in the field of teaching chemistry and physics in the French schools Notre Dame De Sion and La Mere De Dieu to improve the financial income.

And because my father was interested to ask about my work every now and then, I told him that I left the company, so he told me don't you need your monthly salary? And how does an engineer like you work in the field of teaching? I told him a teacher and maintaining my dignity is better than an engineer without dignity. At that time, my father was about 77 years old, and he was seriously considering retirement. He told me, "Come work with me." It was the defining moment, as I began my career in G.I.E.S.


At that time during the year 1973, the company was experiencing some difficulties with the decline in the number of agencies it represents in the Egyptian market, in addition to the difficulty of fulfilling the entitlements of its employees. With time, and since I learned from him the extreme seriousness in work, I succeeded in obtaining a number of agencies, including the Greek one, then I got a tender to supply the Egypt-Iran project with production equipment at that time, and the work process continued, to the extent that I found my father expressing his great admiration for the ideal transformations of work in the company, which made him distribute



the ownership shares of the company in an amount of 60 percent to me in addition to my position as the Chairman of the company and a 20 percent share for my sister Mona, and the same for my sister Latifa.

Nobeltex's beginning

During the year 1990, Nobeltex was established alongside the continuation of the parent company G.I.E.S, which is the company that was established for the new generation in the family, as what it has achieved in terms of success and distinction in the local market, in addition to the preference of a large number of international companies specialized in manufacturing production equipment for me to be their agent In Egypt, was a motive to go ahead with launching a company that expresses my success, and so that the new generation of my children and grandchildren work for it, and now, after almost 20 years, Nobeltex has achieved a degree of distinction and a distinguished position in the industrial field, thanks to God Almighty, then to the insistence on success and presenting distinctive services to the customer that boosts their trust in our industrial equipment.



Eng. Laila El-Gammal notes that the service and the quickness, in addition to always striving to supply the local market with the best that the companies producing technology and industrial equipment have reached, is one of the elements of success for Nobeltex, and the commitment to hard work, honesty and integrity in all dealings made us trusted by the agents and the customers, and that is why we have agencies of international companies that are described as number one in the world in terms of the quality and advancement of their production equipment. Engineer Laila El-Gammal notes that after these years in the distinguished working journey, I feel I have a great desire to say to everyone who has contributed with their trust and dealing with the company seriously, "Thank you from the heart", you are our partners in success, and what we offer you is support and assistance so that each and every one of you can achieve success and excellence. And I say to my father, may God have mercy on him, you were and still are the best teacher, from whom I learned how a person can achieve excellence in work, and I thank you for the good reputation that formed for me the support on the work way until success was achieved.

I say to my children and grandchildren: The road is paved for you to continue the business process with equal success and distinction, but on condition of devotion, dedication and extreme seriousness, and that the customer's support in the local market to be the top and the most important goal.

Laila El Gammal
Nayla El Tawil

Engineer Nayla El Tawil

"The Woman in My Family has Abilities that Enable Her to Excellence and Uniqueness"


The journey of working with my mother, Engineer Laila El-Gammal, began after completing the study of Electronics and Communications Engineering, 20 years ago, and with my strong desire to have my own experience in the career path, I left the company after only 3 years, especially since I was and still see that the distinguished experience of my mother in the business world represents her own success, which is why I was motivated to have a similar experience of success, far from being said that I succeeded at work because I am the "daughter of the owner of the company".

At that time, my mother did not refuse that, but rather I found her appreciated this matter, and indeed I worked on a number of projects, of which, of course, has to do with textile industries, as I represent the fifth generation in the family that has to do with the textile industries. That is why I felt that it is necessary to continue to work in it, and then I chose the field of selling upholstery, and during that period I suffered a lot from suppliers, whether in terms of tastes or designs of their products, which prompted me to think about establishing a small factory to produce tastes and designs that are in line with my desires and the market, but the establishment of the factory was very difficult than I had previously imagined. In the year 2007, the factory began its production, and I initially preferred to market this production through my own shop, and it seems that the quality of the products and the good taste were the primary indicators of success. It was not until three months passed that we became famous to other stores and those stores began to order the products of the factory. However, the factory’s production was not large enough to meet all the orders, but the large number of orders prompted the increase in the volume of production. After 6 months from the beginning of production, the factory received its first export order, and with time, our products reached many countries of the world such as Germany, England, America, Italy, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia. After days have passed, I returned again to work in Nobeltex and I fully devoted myself to it during the year 2014, but this time I have the experience and the ability to have a strong contribution to the path of success and maintaining it in the future, and my mother's indirect support to benefit from mistakes and the ability to correct and avoiding repetition led to the acquisition of the ability to continue the path with the same seriousness and the desire to achieve more brilliance. I found her always encouraging me to make any decision, even if it has negative results, as she believes that I will not reach the point of success until I go through the experience myself, because success will only come through experience and making mistakes. Her encouragement was the reason for me to continue to take one step after the other, because I sometimes ask myself a question about what has motivated me to make all this effort, as it was possible for me to continue under the protection and guardianship of my mother, but the protection cannot build the character or what it gets from different experiences.


The most difficult 3 years

Engineer Nayle El-Tawil says that the years from 2014 to mid-2017 were the most difficult three years since the beginning of the company's work journey over the past twenty years, as my decision to return to work in the company was not welcomed from some, and therefore there were obstacles, but I wanted to complete my family’s journey, which I am very proud of, which is why my decision to return was based on having a path for work, without allowing anyone to distance me from this path. Some were also comparing me to my mother Engineer Laila El-Gammal, which is not in my favor, especially since my mother has a great history, so I focused only on work and devotion in it, until I have now my own style and method that made many be certain of my ability to succeed and excel through relying on myself and on my personality and not just because I have the honor of being Laila El-Gammal's daughter.



The Family

Engineer Nayla Al-Tawil pointed out: the woman in my family possesses many personal abilities that make her search for distinction and uniqueness. My grandfather - may God have mercy on him - was from a very big family, the "El-Gammal family", and in the twenties of the last century, they were among the richest families in Egypt, and they had a large trade in the field of textiles in Egypt, and as a result of the death of my grandfather's father when they were young, my grandfather's mother, when she was in her twenties, raised her three children and traveled with them abroad for education and building a unique personality, having each of them study law, medicine, and Engineering. And I was very impressed by my grandmother, "my grandfather's mother," for the strength of her personality in decision-making while she was in her twenties and working on building the personality of her children and traveling with them abroad for this matter. I was also influenced by my grandmother's personality, as she also traveled to study law at the Sorbonne University in France, which indicates the extent to which my grandmother's father was open to allowing her to travel to study in France with her brother, which made me learn how to be open-minded and have a vision for the future.

Thus, I learned from my grandfather's mother how a person can be strong in character and has the ability to make decisions, and I learned from my grandmother how a person can be open-minded and has a vision and seeks to possess knowledge and various experiences.

As for my grandfather, Engineer Mohammad Hussein El-Gammal, until today, despite the passage of years since his demise, I still extend my thanks to him for the success we have achieved due to his good reputation, and the experiences we got from G.I.E.S Supplies Company as his name and his great history still, up to date, is one of the reasons behind the success we have achieved. In addition to the company's work team, as each one of them owns professional and technical skills that supported the work journey and contributed greatly to the continuation of excellence. Success cannot be achieved and maintained without having a team at the highest level of competence.


The Company's Customers

Engineer Nayla says: We are always among the customers, following-up on their needs, and providing them with a system of services of the highest degree of quality, perfection and integration. The target is not to sell the machine as much as to be with them as a company after selling the machine, so that all of them achieve success, which is our success at the same time.

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